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Marbut Traditional Theme School

2016-2017 PTA Committees

20 Years of Committing to the Challenge!

Academics (Special Committee) – Arlene Smith, Chair

Responsible for selecting the honor’s day awards and special presentations

Audit (Special Committee) – Needs a Chair

A group of selected individuals who review the financial transactions on s monthly basis, to ensure reciepts, hae been properly accounted for.

Audio/Visual (Special Committee) – Rayshun Casey, Chair

Responsible for engineering and production of PTA events. May include the Technology Club on various projects.

Beautification (Special Committee) – Needs a Chair

Upkeep and enhancement of the landscape at the school is this–committee’s prime objective. May coordinate with the Garden Club on various projects.

Book Fair (Special Committee) – Tashima Ealy, Chair

Organizes and manages three (3) book fairs per year. Monitors activities during each fair to minimize inventory discrepancies and assist customers with selecting products to purchase.

Book Store (Special Committee) -Yolanda Preston, Chair

Maintains inventory of the school store, monitors spirit wear, submits order requests and manages the finances.

Bylaws (Standing Committee) – Yolanda Preston, Chair

Ensures that the self-governing unit of the PTA adheres to the adopted regulations set forth by the members of the general body. Must be familiarized or be willing to familiarize themselves with the bylaws.

Carnival (Standing Committee) – Shericka Aranda and Joseph Sanders, Chairs

Organizes the annual carnival for the school. Solicits corporate sponsors and committee within the carnival. Committees: Games, Prizes, Concessions, Check In, Toddler Area, Marketing, Volunteer, Vendors, and more.

Communications (Standing Committee) – Heather Conly, Chair

Responsible for all web presence for the PTA of Marbut, including but not limited to: website, social media, SimplyCircle and any other online sites we create.

Family Engagement (Standing Committee) – Trenise Jones, Chair

Addresses the very foundation of PTA by promoting the education, health and safety of all children. This committee raises the the awareness about parental responsibilities and rights under the education legislation, Elementary and Secondary Education Act. They focus on promoting parenting skills and hosts educational workshops for students and their families.

Fundraising (Standing Committee) – Shenita Starks, Chair

Plans noncommercial, fun fundraising methods based on the 3:1 rule as a guideline, to finance PTA programs and projects. The PTA is a 501 c3 organization and must adhere to local, council, district, state, national bylaws, as well as IRS rules for non profits.

Health and Wellness (Standing Committee) – Jerome Wooley, Chair

Helps foster and promote a healthy school environment. Health includes the following: Physical Health, Mental Health, School Health and Nutrition.

Hospitality (Standing Committee) – Needs a Chair

This committee are the official hosts of the PTA and has the responsibility of establishing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere at PTA meetings and events.

Legislative & Advocacy (Standing Committee) – Elise Cox, Chair

Although EVERY PTA member is an advocate, the Legislative Committee stays informed through Capitol Watch and the Georgia PTA’s The Voice newsletter, attend legislative workshops offered by Georgia and National PTA, respond to legislative alerts by contacting YOUR legislator and asking them for their support, educate the local unit, develop legislative priorities for our school, develop resolutions when needed, visit the Capitol and ensure the National Standards for Family-School Partnership.

Male Involvement (Standing Committee) – Needs a Chair

The F.B.I and HE. R.O.S (Fathers Being Involved and HE Raises Outstanding Students)    encourage, strengthen, and support the efforts of male involvement in the education of children. The ultimate goal is to provide opportunities to men to not only become more engaged in the education of children, but offer men an opportunity to become more involved with other men who are facing, or have faced, similar situations and stereotypes commonly held within the greater community.

Membership (Standing Committee) – Gina Woods, Chair

The Membership committee enroll members throughout the school community, including those who may not have children in school but have  vested interest in seeing children succeed.

Nominating (Special Committee) – Needs a Chair

Elected by the general membership, this election committee is charged with the important task of nominating an eligible person for each office as described in the bylaws.

Photography (Special Committee) – Needs a Chair

Pose for the frame…now Click, Click… Documents PTA activities in photographs. Works closely with the school’s yearbook staff .

Reflections :Arts in Education (Standing Committee) – Carolita McGuire, Chair

The arts programs promote self-esteem, open the horizons of the creative mind and enhance scholastic skills. Facilitates an art competition, organizes an awards ceremony and submits winners to the Council level competitions.

Youth Involvement (Standing Committee) – Kyla Stidmam, Chair

This youth led committee is committed to actively involve students in the work of the association. Parents, teachers and students are dedicated to work as a team to train youth to be future advocates and community leaders.


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